KFE customers and winners of The National Fish & Chip Awards 2019, Kelly and Tim Barnes from Krispies take the time to share their fish and chip journey with us. From the nostalgia of freshly cooked, hot fish and chips wrapped in paper by the seaside, to the recent joys of being crowned with the most prestigious industry award!

How long have you and your family been in the fish and chip business?

Tim and I started out in the fish and chip industry in 1997, 22 years ago. How did your journey in the fish and chip industry begin? We both started out working for a business in Exeter Tim was a fryer and I was a counter server. We loved the job and increased the turnover of the shop so believed we had a winning formula to do it on our own.

What is your earliest memory of fish and chips?

Tim – We used to have a family fish and chip night on Saturday night sat in front of the television watching classic Saturday telly, it was the only time we were allowed away from the table so it was a real treat.

Kelly – We used to holiday in Mablethorpe as a kid when summers were hot, my first memory is the smell of beef dripping outside the shop, I always had fish chips and peas in a tray with a piece of paper wrapped round the outside, it was heaven. When we visited Bizzie Lizzie’s back in 2016 the smell walking up to the shop took me straight back to being 6 years old with my family.

What are your highlights of your career in fish and chips?

For both of us there has been so many, from winning awards to seeing our business grow to the scale it has done, seeing that winning formula you believed you had and succeeding in something you love. Meeting people you’ve respected and can call up on when you need advice is always a humbling experience. The biggest highlight so far has been being crowned National Fish and Chip Shop of the Year Winner. The day was truly amazing and the year so far has just been a lot of fun.

What do you love about the industry?

The people! Being able to share advice, ask advice and generally have someone who is always at the end of the phone, whether it’s a fellow shop owner, supplier or general industry support.

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