Carbon Neutral

Sustainability and energy efficiency have always been at the heart of KFE. It’s why our frying ranges have the most energy efficient and lowest carbon-emitting pans on the market.

With the impact of climate change increasingly being felt around the world, we wanted to do more, to play our part in helping to reduce our impact on the environment. We are delighted to say that as of March 2023, we are a carbon neutral company.

This is a significant milestone both for us and our industry. We are not a global, multinational company but a small, family-run business. We are the first company in the fish and chip industry to put the environment first and commit the time, money and resources to start the transition to a low carbon, more resource-efficient and sustainable world.

What does Carbon neutral mean?

“Carbon neutral” means that all emissions generated by our company have been reported and compensated through recognised carbon offset projects. We achieved this in four steps:

1. Measuring

We partnered with ClimatePartner, a leading corporate climate action solution provider, which calculated all our CO2 emissions – from heating our office, to manufacturing, packaging and transporting our products.

2. Avoiding and reducing

We immediately took steps to avoid and reduce our emissions where we could (something we continue to do year-on-year). This includes:

6 NEW ELECTRIC CARS replaced our sales teams’ diesel vehicles
SUSTAINABLE PAPER is now purchased across the office and all staff print double-sided
100% NUCLEAR AND RECYCLED ENERGY only is used throughout the office and showroom
% REDUCTION IN GREENHOUSE EMISSIONS, equating to 190 tonnes less CO2e produced in our first year

3. Offsetting

We didn’t want to stop there. We wanted to go over and above and make the bold move to offset all unavoidable emissions. We have achieved this through internationally recognised carbon offset projects from the ClimatePartner portfolio.

We have chosen projects that align with our industry, in particular nature-based solutions such as Ocean Protection – Worldwide, which protects marine life, microorganisms and endangered species by cleaning our oceans of plastic. For every 10kg of plastic collected, we can offset one tonne of CO2. This corresponds to approximately 500 plastic bottles.

Read more about our carbon offsetting projects by clicking here or clicking on the individual links below:

Stopping ocean plastic

Ocean Protection – Worldwide

Carbon Neutral Partner logo

Solar Energy – Ait Ougrour, Morocco

Wind Energy – Nashik, India

All climate projects are based on international standards and are regularly audited by independent third parties.

4. Labelling

We can proudly display the Climate Partner “Carbon Neutral” label, verifying the carbon neutrality of our company. This includes a unique ID-Tracking number to help our customers understand how and where our carbon emissions have been offset. It has also been certified by TÜV Austria.

Carbon Neutral Partner

The future

The fight against global change and decarbonisation does not end here for us, we are committed year-on-year to minimising our impact, whether this is making improvements to our high efficiency frying ranges or our company activities.

We also want to promote a culture of awareness around the importance of reducing carbon emissions so are looking at ways we can work with our customers to help them minimise their impact on the environment too.