Harbourside Kiremko Frying Range

Sarah Lock bought her first Kiremko frying range in 2012, three years after she opened Harbourside in Plymouths bustling Barbican. Impressed not just with the performance of the equipment but the after-sales from KFE, Sarah has gone on to put Kiremko ranges into all five sites she has subsequently opened.

Serving over 1,000 customers on a busy day at Harbourside, Sarah was well aware of the demands placed on her original Kiremko as it approached its tenth year of trouble-free service. Wanting the same peace of mind going forward, Sarah looked to KFE for its replacement.

Sarah explains: Id managed to take advantage of KFEs extended 10 year pan warranty. With this being up, there was no question about replacing the frying range. The existing range has been brilliant, it’s certainly worked hard and has more than paid for itself in that time. However, by investing in a new range I can start afresh and benefit from the latest technology as well as a new warranty, giving peace of mind that the pans are covered by KFE for another 10 years.”

Having had new frying ranges from KFE in the intervening years across her other sites, staff have benefited from the updates and upgrades that help make frying easier. Sarah wanted to bring these to Harbourside, in particular the new digital controllers and the high performance pans, with a new six pan L-shaped range. 

We really like the simplicity of the digital controllers,” she says. We can have up to 12 product timers and they simplify the filtration for the staff. We also now get the benefit of the mild steel chip pans which require less oil than their predecessors while being just as powerful.”

A firm believer in evolving and adapting her businesses, Sarah opted for a heated gantry instead of a third hotbox to help manage the growing number of deliveries and click and collect orders Harbourside is now processing. 

This will keep the food warm while waiting for collection,” she explains. “Ten years doesnt seem a long time but if you think about 2012-2022, a lot has changed! You have to move and adapt to the changing landscape or risk getting left behind.”

Find out more about our 10 year parts and labour pan warranty as well as the service packages available by clicking here

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