Chippy's Haverhill Kiremko Frying Range
Chippy's Haverhill Kiremko Frying Range

Chippys in Haverhill is one of the longest-established fish and chip shops in Suffolk, operating for almost 70 years. For nearly 30 of those, owner Glenn Edwards has fried on a Kiremko frying range.

His was the first shop to embrace high efficiency technology when it was introduced and has now bought four Kiremko frying ranges, upgrading to the latest model each time. Glenn’s most recent purchase is a five pan island range, powder-coated white with Fry controls and built-in filtration.

Ive stayed with Kiremko because Im of the opinion if it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” says Glenn. And also because KFE is a family business like us – were now fifth generation with my grandchildren in the business. KFE listen to what we are saying, and whatever we ask of them, they always say yes, we can do it.”

Glenn has always been a champion of round pans, insisting they produce a better chip. But after test frying on the latest Kiremko at our Market Deeping showroom using his own chips, fish and oil, he witnessed the increased volume square pans can produce and switched for the first time.

The Kiremkos Ive had have always had quick recovery, but when I fried at the showroom I saw that we could turn out the same amount of chips in two square pans and six baskets as we could on three round pans – and in quicker time,” says Glenn.

During our busiest times, we are serving one customer every sort of 80 seconds so we need the output of the chips. Seeing how fast the recovery was and how the square pans would suit us was very beneficial.”

As a long-term customer who has embraced all the advances in technology a new Kiremko brings, Glenn admits he is hard to impress. However, he can’t deny the gas savings he is seeing after upgrading from a 14-year-old six pan high efficiency Kiremko range to the latest model with just five pans.

Our latest Kiremko is by far the most gas efficient one we’ve had. I’m saving at least £100 a month on my gas bill but doing the same volume. Thats technology for you.”

Nearly 30 years working with the same range supplier is a testament to the quality of the equipment and the customer service Glenn has received in that time. He adds: The way I see it is the frying range is your biggest expense, but it’s what happens in the years after that that you need to consider. Our last Kiremko was there for 14 years and we’ve never had a problem.

Its not just that though, the skill set of their engineers is second to none. For the last 15 years, we have had the same engineer service our ranges and now he is more than an engineer, he is a friend.”

Chippy's Haverhill Kiremko Frying Range
Chippy's Haverhill Kiremko Frying Range