A high efficiency Kiremko frying range installed at award-winning Knights Fish Restaurant in Glastonbury, Somerset, has paid for itself in just one year

Installed in January 2023 during a refurbishment of its takeaway, the five pan Kiremko island range at Knights replaced an outdated three pan range. 

Aware of the energy and gas savings investing in a high efficiency range would bring to their family-run business of 113 years, George Moray, manager and fifth generation, hadnt anticipated the significant boost in trade it would accommodate.

Before the shop refurb and new Kiremko, the business was handling on average 580 sales per hour during its peak season.  However, with the new range in, during January alone – traditionally its quieter period – it processed just shy of 1,000 sales per hour. This is an impressive increase attributed to the enhanced capabilities of the new frying range.

Being high efficiency we were expecting the range to have energy savings and oils savings and it does, but what Ive realised is its not just about the cost savings, it’s actually about the fact were able to produce more,” says George. Therefore the range is going to pay for itself anyway because more is coming in and more is going out frequently on the hour.

I’m no mathematician, but I can say our Kiremko frying range has definitely paid for itself, if not paid above itself.”

Training made easy

Thanks to Kiremkos user-friendly design, George has successfully trained younger staff members, leading to further cost savings and a positive transformation in the business. 

George comments: We dont have to rely on old techniques and traditions anymore. As an employer, trying to search for that skill set was hard and time-consuming but KFEs fantastic ranges make it so easy to bring young, enthusiastic people through your business and that is a cost-saving in itself. 

Coming from an old business like ours, all we’ve ever known is old fashioned, but modernising that process means I’m finding Im able to leave the range for an hour or two and do managerial things, look at reports and improve things at that end of the business. The range allows you to let a youngster or somebody of a lesser skill set take over and relieve you for a little while.”

George has also found savings by opting for KFE’s service package, providing him with peace of mind knowing that potential downtime can be minimised, preventing any loss of business. Additionally, investing in staff training has been instrumental in optimising operations and even played a part in Knight’s winning the prestigious title of Fish & Chip Restaurant of the Year at The National Fish & Chip Awards in February.

George comments: We had Garry Rosser come in from KFEs School of Frying Excellence a couple of months after the refit to train us and do a demo. This allowed us to drive our business our way whilst also giving us tips and tricks and, ultimately, I’ve stuck with that since and here we are now with an award in our pocket. We really do have to thank KFE for that.”

Further investment

As a direct consequence of the cost savings derived from their investment in a Kiremko frying range, George has reinvested in other aspects of the business: central heating in the restaurant, new potato prep equipment, updated staff uniforms and a doubling of the workforce from 12 to 23 employees.

These have notably bolstered the overall efficiency and productivity of Knights, positioning the business for sustained growth and success.

And now, just over a year from when its Kiremko was installed, not only has the range paid for itself but Knights lays claim to being the best fish and chip restaurant in the UK.

Its not all testament to the range but, saying that, KFE is one of the reasons we got the award,” adds George. All these little one percents do add up to make a full picture and an award-winning fish and chip restaurant, apparently.”