We celebrated this year’s National Fish & Chip Day by inviting the UK’s number one food review channel, Food Review Club, to the KFE School of Frying Excellence.

Usually on the customer side of the counter, pulling apart the batter and giving his verdict on the final product, we put the channel’s frontman, Matt, behind our Kiremko frying range. Here he had the opportunity to learn about cutting fish, mixing batter and frying techniques from award-winning trainers Gordon Hillan and Mark Petrou. 

Letting Matt into a few secrets of the trade which help elevate fish and chips from good to excellent, Matt found his “science lesson” in the make-up of batter, particularly interesting. 

“As food critics, we are presented with products, good bad and seriously ugly,” he said. “Helping us understand why a product is a certain way moving forward will be incredibly valuable.

“I have always been incredibly interested and fascinated with fish and chips. It’s my all-time favourite fast food/treat. Hearing the team talk about chips batter makeup, fishing boats, the unique community, was brilliant.”

Top marks

On tasting the freshly cooked fish and chips that he had helped prepare, Matt gave a hard-to-beat score of 9.5 out of 10, describing it as full of flavour and exceptional.

Matt added: “We really enjoyed the day. Fun, educational and the food was spot on too. I highly recommend KFE as a business. Their passion and knowledge for the community is unrivalled. Special thanks to Mark and Gordon for being such fantastic hosts.”

Pleased to be invited and get involved in celebrating National Fish and Chip Day, Matt added: “The industry is a fantastic community of hard-working independent families serving their communities that fried gold. And a particular well done to those individuals, creating wonderful food that they really care about and refusing to cut corners or bend the rules. These are the fish and chip shops we should be celebrating and supporting in such difficult times. It’s never just “fish and chips”, it’s dinner with family, it’s memories and it’s a well-deserved treat.”

You can watch the full Food Review Club video titled ‘We learn how to make the perfect fish and chips’ on the Food Review Club’s YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnZCyR_ee6Y 

If you want to attend the KFE School of Frying Excellence and find out the secrets to excellent fish and chips, contact us on 01778 380 448 or e-mail sales@kfeltd.co.uk