Kings Coronation KFE


The Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III will take place on Saturday 6th May at Westminster Abbey. However, celebrations will take place across the UK all weekend with people urged to come together for the Coronation Big Lunch on Sunday 7th and with Monday 8th declared an additional bank holiday.

This means that whether you are open or closed on the big day itself, there are ample opportunities to get involved. And what better way to see in a new king than with fish and chips?

Here are a few ideas you could use to mark the occasion:

  1. Get involved by hanging out the red, white and blue bunting. If you’re involved, it makes your customers feel involved and there’s nothing better than stepping into a shop that has a celebratory vibe. Once the bunting is up, keep it there and you are ready for National Fish & Chip Day on Friday 2nd June. 
  2. Don’t go butchering your menu for one day, simply add one great value offer and market it as a feast fit for a king or a meal that won’t cost you a king’s ransom. With street parties and gatherings taking place, sharing platters will work well. Why not include some king prawns or king ribs?
  3. If you know there are street parties or big lunches taking place in your area, advertise that you can cater for them. The sooner you do this, the better.
  4. Buy some cardboard masks of the Royal Family and have staff and customers pose for photos. You could also get some life-sized cardboard cutouts or a social media frame made. The photos are great for using on social media and reaching even more customers.
  5. Paper crowns can be soured quite cheaply online, so buy up a bunch and hand them out to customers with children. You could turn this into a competition by asking children to colour in or decorate their crowns with the winner receiving a family fish and chips banquet. 
  6. Utilise your social media a good week or two ahead of the Coronation. Plan what you are going to post and when you are going to post it so that customers have the best chance of seeing it and can make their arrangements once they know your opening hours and your deals. Don’t leave it until the day as you could be left with an empty shop because everyone is partying elsewhere!
  7. Bear in mind licensing hours will be extended by two hours from 11pm to 1am on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May 2023. You may decide to adapt your opening hours depending on how this might affect trade. Do remember to update your opening hours on social media, on your website and on your profile on Google.  
  8. If you offer the option of delivery, check for road closures as a result of street parties and let your drivers know they may need to take alternative routes and allow additional time. 

Mark Petrou, award-winning frier and KFE School of Frying Excellence trainer, encourages shops to get involved, adding: “It’s about being present and reminding your customers you are there. Connect with them and be part of their celebrations. Our heritage is something to be proud of and fish and chips is just as big a part of being British as being King is.”

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