There is a diverse and delicious range of fish landed on our shores that make great additions to the chip shop menu, says KFE customer and owner of The Cod’s Scallops John Molnar. As British Food Fortnight approaches (19th September – 4th October), we share John’s top tips in a bid to help others look beyond cod and haddock and to other species caught here in the UK.

“There are at least 20 species easily that are good, solid fish you can use in a fish and chip shop.

“I would say if you’ve not got any skills as a chef, try and strike up a relationship with a reputable, well-known fishmonger. They know more about fish than you do so use their skills, get them to sell what they know is good.

“Test the water and only buy a few portions, it doesn’t matter if you run out, that’s a good thing. If you’re going to buy lemon soles, for example, don’t get 30, buy six and sell them all. Build up from there.

“Always put the species of fish, where they are from and the price on a little blackboard and, if you can, have the fish on display even if it’s in a Belfast sink on the counter with some crushed ice (ask your fishmonger for some) so people can see the freshness.

“Don’t try and do too much too soon. If you’re used to just frying or grilling fish then pick a fish that you can fry or grill.

“My top three fish to try would be: gurnard, it’s sustainable, very meaty and very sweet, almost shellfish like in flavour; hake, again it’s very sustainable and it’s similar to cod so people aren’t going too much off the beaten track; and mackerel, it’s oily, plentiful and cheap.

“And, finally, pay a visit to a fish market to get an idea of what’s out there. Ask questions, see what others are buying, you’ll quickly learn the ones that have the really good stuff.”

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