Saturday 18th March is Global Recycling Day, and this year’s theme is recycling heroes. We’ve assembled a scavenger hunt full of things for children to find and do so that you can provide your younger customers with a fun activity that also helps them learn about saving the planet.

A great resource to have available to children any time of the year, you can download it and print some sheets out, add it directly to your social media pages, or upload it to your website for customers to make use of all year round.

We’ve created two versions of the Scavenger Hunt – a PDF for downloading directly and a Word document, which can be edited should you wish to add your shop’s logo before sharing it with your customers. 

We’ve also provided some child-friendly explanations and fun facts below to help little ones excel in being a recycling hero!

What is recycling?

Recycling takes something old and turns it into something new. Like a plastic drinks bottle into playground equipment, a newspaper into cat litter, a glass bottle into house bricks and yoghurt pots into toothbrush handles!

The more we recycle, the less rubbish we create and the less of the world’s precious materials we use.

Did you know?

Recycling just one drink can saves enough energy to power your TV for three hours!

And, if you recycle two glass bottles, you can save enough energy to power your computer for almost an hour!