Mark Sullivan has bought multiple Kiremko frying ranges since his first in 1999 and each time he’s looked forward to the advances in frying technology and the subsequent benefits they bring to his businesses.

When he opened Big Fry in Farnborough, Hampshire, in 2009, he installed a three pan high efficiency Kiremko but had to wait until late last year to replace a traditional frying range at a second branch he opened in Egham, Surrey, back in 2012.

“Kiremko is a brand I’ve used for a very long time,” says Mark. “I know how they work and I know the quality of food they produce, but on the last range I bought for Egham I was particularly interested in the advances in the controls.”

Mark’s 3 pan high efficiency Kiremko island range features the new Fry digital controls, which have the option to preset multiple temperatures and timers, giving Mark the control he wants over his pans to fry the way he wants to fry.

“I was always taught you put your fish in a rising temperature not a sinking temperature,” Mark explains. “With these new controllers, I press the button, the temperature goes to 180°C, the burners kick in and I can put my fish in. In my opinion, you get a better quality piece of fish because the burners are going before you put the fish in the pan.”

Increased trade
It’s not just Mark who has noticed a difference in quality, his customers have too with trade increasing since the new range was installed.

“We’ve always sold a good product, but the new range has increased the quality even more,” he says. “It makes me want to change my range at Farnborough because, even though it’s the same pans and the same burners, those controllers make all the difference. And there have been advances in the top boxes and the chip boxes too so there are a lot of improved features now.”

Gas savings
Another major benefit of upgrading to a new Kiremko frying range is the gas saving from having the most efficient pans on the market.

“The gas savings have been massive at Egham, we are saving up to £800 a month, but we’ve also got a saving in oil too, because we went for the three stage filtration which keeps the oil cleaner for longer.”

With wages, product costs, gas and electricity all going up, Mark believes it is absolutely vital for operators to make cost-savings while at the same time investing in up-to-date equipment.

“It’s as difficult a period of trading as I’ve ever known in all my years in the business so you have to be smart,” he says. “And one of those smart moves is buying a new frying range. If the range is paying for itself in gas and oil savings, and if you’re increasing the quality of your food and it’s costing next to nothing, then it’s a free hit.”