As this week is Energy Saving Week, we share our tips to help you reduce energy consumption in your shop and lower bills

Tip #1 – Use your equipment efficiently
Turn pans off on your frying range as they become obsolete during a shift. You can finish a basket of blanched chips in the same high efficiency pan as you are frying your final few fish at the shift end, meaning your blanching and finishing pans can be turned off. During quiet periods, turn pans you aren’t using to ‘stand-by’ which temporarily lowers the temperature, saving gas and protecting your oil.  

Tip #2 – Switch it off
Towards the end of the night when it’s getting quiet, turn your hot box off and use an over-pan drainer for draining those final few products, This way you can clean your hot box down while saving energy.

Tip #3 – Invest in energy-saving equipment
A Kiremko high efficiency frying range can save you up to 50% on your energy bills, plus you may qualify for a ‘green grant’ if there are any running in your local area. Also look for energy efficient fridges, freezers, boilers etc.

Tip #4 – Check your cold storage temperatures
Ensure fridges and freezers are not running too low as this increases your electric bill unnecessarily. The ideal temperatures are 3°C for your fridge, 1°C for your fish fridge and -18°C for your freezer.

Tip #5 – Educate staff on saving energy
Talk to staff and use stickers and posters to encourage them to switch off items such as lights, boilers and pans when not in use. Also, look at investing in light sensors in staff areas.

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