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Whilst many of my fellow friers were taking their much deserved, annual Christmas holidays, enjoying their turkey and Christmas puddings, my mind was elsewhere and far from the festive delights. Having spent several months of organizing and marshaling the premier of tradesmen, I was ready to update my beloved fish and chip shop during our annual “shut-down”.

A touch premature was my plans for updating my previous frying range, yet having worked on the new fryer at the KFE School of Frying Excellence, the benefits were clear to see. Not only was I self-assured that the quality of my award winning fish and chips would improve, I was also confident that the serving speed would improve for the better too.

Having left my family up at Centre Parcs to enjoy their last day without me, I arrived at the shop early to ensure I’d be organized for the delivery of my new frying range. I had only just turned the key in the door when Leicester Machine Movers drove around the corner, shortly followed by the team of KFE engineers. Typical, one cup of morning coffee swiftly became eight cups, which incidentally is one cup too many for the capacity of my kettle.

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Within a couple of hours my range was dismantled and passed through the shop window onto the tailgate of the truck; with a mere couple of millimeters gap to spare on either side, the process was chilling to watch. The guidance and confidence of Leicester Machine Movers ensured the installation ran smoothly with no damage to windows or floors being caused. The team of KFE engineers complimented this professional attitude, using their own touch of wizardry the new frying range was connected up and working the following morning.

Having anticipated it would take five days for the whole refit, I was already half a day in front with the range only taking just over the day. With having only a small area of tiling to repair we accomplished the refit in just under 4 days. Therefor, with me being the good, warm hearty family man that I am, I re-opened the shop early to commence taking money again. Much to the distaste of Linda and our children…

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Bah Humbug…

Having worked on the new range for four weeks now, my team of fryers and myself can clearly see the true benefits for upgrading, not only am I using less oil, I’m cooking better fish and chips than ever before, plus the servers are finding the new design far easier to clean than the previous model.

One positive exemplar is, prior to the new range being fitted there would be two large cups of waste oil per day from the Chip Box, comparing this amount using my new fryer we merely gather one eggcup per day.

Egg-traordinary hey…

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