Polat builds success on consistent KFE quality

Harpers, Saxton near Scarborough

With a chain of four successful fish and chip shops in East Yorkshire, Polat Akcicek regards himself as a businessman first, and a fryer second.

Which is why, even in the depths of the January big freeze, he was constantly looking for potential new sites … either existing shops, or areas which are not served by a chippy. “Business is about recognising, and taking, opportunities,” he says. “Select the right site, apply quality standards, and your chip shop will succeed.”

He bought his first shop ten years ago, and quickly realised that its existing frying range was not up to standard. He looked at the alternatives available, decided on a KFE-Kiremko range … and since then he has put KFE at the heart of every shop he opens.

“The fact that I have now bought five KFE ranges in ten years speaks volumes,” says Turkish-born Polat, pictured with KFE salesman Bill Shaw. “They are excellent fryers, fast, reliable, and economical with fat use. It’s part of the blueprint for success I have developed with my partner Tom Mitchell.”

So a gleaming new high efficiency four-pan Sonado range now takes pride of place in their latest venture, a former Little Chef restaurant. Now called Harper’s, it has been extended and developed as a 100-seater family fish and chip restaurant and takeaway, on the busy A64 road into Scarborough.

“It’s our biggest undertaking to date,” says Polat. “It’s not for me to question why Little Chef was prepared to dispose of such a prime site – but I know it’s going to be a winner for us.

“The British public is still in love with quality fish and chips, and if you can make every meal you supply a special occasion, then they will plan a visit to your shop as part of a day’s outing.

“It’s all about consistency – quality ingredients, quality service, and fish and chips fried to perfection. Which is where our KFE ranges prove to be the winner.”

Fryer & Fast Food – January 2010.

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