The Frying School of Excellence Testimonials

 “At Friars Pride we are proud to support the activities at the KFE School of Frying Excellence. As a company we are always keen to support initiatives that raise standards within the fish frying trade. Learning the skills involved in the preparation and frying of fish and chips is key to ensuring that “Fish & Chips” remain one of our nations favourite takeaways!”

Vince Willows of Friars Pride   friars


“Informative, interesting and all within a relaxed and professional atmosphere. Great basics for anyone new to the trade but many tips that I think the most experience frier can benefit from.”

Reece Head of Fry Monthly


“ A state of the art facility which is of immense value to the industry as a whole, ran professionally, by professionals, providing best practice training to those new to the industry and those with years of experience. If someone is looking at investing in a new range, the facility offers the opportunity to “try before you buy” which, from prospective purchasers standpoint, is an ideal offer from KFE. You can’t help but be impressed!”

Martin Clarke of Drywite Ltd    drywite


 ‘Having been on other fish and chip training courses within the industry there is no comparison, your course is vastly superior and is about the future. The trainers were brilliant as are the facilities. I have learned much more than I expected to and I am looking forward to implementing some new ideas at our shop’ Experienced Shop Owner

‘I would recommend the course to everyone, whether just starting out or with many years experience. This is a course the industry has been lacking and has been the most enjoyable.’ Neil Douglas, experienced shop owner.

‘The course was brilliant, I really enjoyed it, there’s a lot I can take away and improve on especially better management, service and cooking.’ Stacey Brown, manager of fish & chip shop.

‘I thought the course was very well structured and completely covered the aims and objectives. I particularly enjoyed the practical sessions. The High Efficiency range and fish preparation sessions where brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed it’ Potential new shop owner.

‘I’d like to convey my formal thanks to Gordon, Nigel and Mark for the professional way in which they treated me. It was an eye-opening view for me of the technology available today, and the most impressive was that little 2-pan Sonado range that we used for all the frying practice. I now understand the HE method adopted by Kiremko, the difference between a heat-exchanger pan and a flat-bottomed pan, how the filtration system works (and that is amazing!) and have seen for myself the dramatically fast recovery time after adding food to the pan. And even more amazing, how quickly you can filter the oil and return it to use in just a matter of minutes. Frankly, I ate the best fish and chips of my life this week, straight out of the pan – and now see why people like Richard Ord and Fred Capel say “Wrap it and ruin it!” So thank you very much for KFE’s hospitality.’

Fish & Chips and Fast Food Magazine     magazine


“I was very impressed with the tutors. They made things interesting and also addressed things in manageable chunks. It was good to have people with such experience – and felt like unbiased tuition – and very good at answering and addressing all sorts of questions. They were also very good at tailoring to the needs of the individual (i.e I was the only “non kitchen” person but I still felt very much part of what was going on).”

Kerri Clements, Shop Manager


I would like to thank you for the time that has been spent teaching me new things over the last two days. I would highly recommend the course to anyone that would be interested in working in a fish and chip shop even if you were completely clueless to fish and chips. I have walked away knowing a lot more than I did when I started.”

Tina Quayle


“I would just like to thank Nigel, Gordon & KFE for outstanding teaching. I feel that this course has been very helpful. 10/10!”

Bill Hesketh

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