Segment One

Potato preparation, fish preparation and sustainability, batter mixing, the perfect accompaniment, homemade fish cakes.

The key area in producing consistent quality and profitable fish and chips is controlling the raw product – potatoes and fish. Implementing the correct methods of sourcing, buying, preparing and storage will give you the best opportunity to achieve this. Equally, being aware of the various batter mixes prior to making your selection is important. Do you use a named brand or make your own? Traditionally fish and chips are served with mushy peas and, in different areas of the country, curry sauce and gravy. These can be very profitable items, but once again being able to produce a quality product is vitally important.

Aims of the segment

When you complete of this segment you will be able to:

  1. List some varieties of potatoes suitable for frying
  2. State what affects the chipping quality of potatoes
  3. List other factors in buying potatoes such as disease, size, sampling
  4. Minimise waste when preparing potatoes
  5. Understand the correct preparation methods for potatoes, including how to use of Diastix and Drywite
  6. State what to look for when buying fish
  7. List some types of fish suitable for frying
  8. Understand the advantages of wet fish and fish frozen at sea
  9. Identify the correct methods of preparing fish, skinning, boning, cutting and portion sizing
  10. Minimise the waste when preparing fish
  11. Understand the importance of sustainability
  12. Know the correct cooking methods for producing peas, curry sauce and gravy

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