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Students who attend the KFE School of Frying Excellence are clearly dedicated to the fish and chip industry, whether they are newcomers to the trade or simply desire to surpass their knowledge and understanding of their existing business by commissioning the assistance of experts.

It is our objective to work alongside the students using our optimum ability and expansive experience within the trade to ensure the students reach their goals regardless of how distant they may seem. This produces an overall betterment and sustainability our marvelous fish frying industry. KFE_Training_School_Brochure-e

Forthcoming 2-day Training Courses are available on:

January – Tuesday 9th / Wednesday 10th

February – Tuesday 6th/Wednesday 7th

March – Monday 5th/Tuesday 6th


May – Tuesday 15th/Wednesday 16th

June – Tuesday 19th/Wednesday 20th

 July-August – Dates to be confirmed once the KFE Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year Day has been confirmed

September – Tuesday 11th/Wednesday 12th

 October – Monday 22nd / Tuesday 23rd

November – Tuesday 19th/Wednesday 20th

December – Tuesday 4th/Wednesday 5th


Our 1 day courses at The KFE School of Frying Excellence or on site are available to book at a date to suit you.

Prior to the course you will be sent your own training manual. This is yours to retain and make reference to in the future if required. Our team of experts throughout the course will advise and teach you best practice, along with superb frying techniques with references made to the manual.

So therefore, it would be beneficial to yourself and your business to have read the manual prior to attending the course, this will enable you to make any points or questions relevant to yourself and your business, the trainers will be capable of answering these for you. The manual is partitioned into 5 segments that you will cover on the 2-day course:

Segment One Segment Two Segment Three Segment Four Segment Five


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