High Efficeiency


The ONLY pans that give you full gas savings and frying performance are those certificated. Kiremko pans are independently tested and certified for efficiency levels of 87%-94%, the highest on the market

Developed in Europe, a pan can be called high efficiency if it is tested by a Government approved body such as Gastec (Holland) and Technigas (Belgium) and certificated to a gas efficiency level exceeding 80% .Unfortunately there is no current certification given in the UK to equipment manufactured here.

Kiremko offer various High Efficiency pans with three sizes of flat bottomed pans, the newer flat bottom high efficiency 2 and 3 basket pan.

These pans are an exclusive development of Kiremko and despite various suggestions by our competitors have proved to have less oil wastage due to the fact that the performance of the pans enables customers to fry to at least 20 degrees less in temperature and still produce more product.

The r pans are Gastech certificated to 94%, the highest efficiency pan in Europe.

cert 3

It is very relevant to note that all ten previous Kiremko operated Fish & Chip Shop of the Year winners fried their chips with these high efficiency pans.


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