Chip Ahoy

With a lifetime in the fish and chip sector behind him on both sides of the frying range, John Doodson has a wealth of knowledge and experience. And when it came to making a decision about purchasing a range to equip a shop he was setting up with his new wife Elaine, a few years ago, he had no hesitation … it had to be Perfecta.

And now the Chip Ahoy shop in Padstow, right under the nose of Rick Stein, is creating a reputation for the finest fish and chips around. “When we see staff from Rick Stein’s restaurant in our queue, we know we’re doing something right,” he smiles.

In the summer, trade is ‘manic’, with queues around the block from the tiny shop … but the four-pan Perfecta wall range, with built-in filtration, takes it in its stride.

IMG_0237 IMG_0236

“It’s a fabulous range,” says John. “In the time we have had the range, we haven’t had to call engineers out once, other than for its annual service. It can go from tick-over to flat out in a matter of minutes, and it’s always a dream to use.”

Twenty years ago, John was sales director for a traditional English manufacturer but he recognised the advantages of Dutch high efficiency frying, and urged them to follow suit. They refused, so John followed his belief and moved into a career with Florigo, then Kiremko and Perfecta.

“It was obvious that Dutch frying technology was the future, and that is still so today,” says John. “But the beauty of Perfecta, and stable-mate Kiremko, is that they have combined Continental technology with solid English-style engineering, with good thick grade pans, and simple accessible workings.”

No longer a Perfecta employee, John still does a little part-time wearing of the Perfecta or Kiremko hat out of season, as he advises businesses in the South-West. “I can only pass on my years of experience,” he says, “and I can’t see that there’s a better frying option in Britain.”

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